Wilderness Eyes Video Shoot

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We recently shot a video for Wilderness Eyes with the lovely folks at Persona Productions who approached us last fall with the original concept. It’s not going to come out for a little while, but you should expect to see ridiculous camera angles, animal projections and George getting in touch with his inner moose, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

We spent one full day and night shooting in Langley, came home for a few hours rest and wrapped filming in downtown Vancouver. In that time we were treated like absolute royalty by the crew, who all volunteered their time to make this possible. We paid a grand total of $250 to help cover the cost of gear rentals, the rest was borrowed or donated. These guys (and girl) were absolute professionals, and made standing around in t-shirts in 0 degree weather more than tolerable.

Thanks to Wayne Robinson and the Persona crew for working hard and putting up with our whining when we were cold and tired, Wayne’s parents for feeding us and letting us film at their place and Wayne’s Aunt and Grandma who never met us but sent over a bunch of food anyway.

Once again, I apologize for yelling ‘Cunt’ in front of Wayne’s mom.

PICS (click to enlarge)

We make friends wherever we go.

Our intrepid (and ruggedly handsome) director Wayne.

Sej in makeup

Rock star moment: being driven around the set in a golf cart.

Patrick and George experiencing hospitality at the Robinson Household.

George in his natural element.

Its hard to tell from the picture, but that raccoon is about 25×15 feet and was projected against the side of the Molson Brewery…amazingly, we were able to keep this up for several hours (including ten minutes of bloodcurdling screaming from yours truly) with no interference.

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