We’re partnering with O.W.L.! Our fundraiser EP is out today!

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We’re very pleased to announce that we will be supporting the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (O.W.L), beginning with todays release of our Wilderness Eyes Remix EP. You can stream it below, or purchase it by donation with 100% of the proceeds going towards supporting the organization.

O.W.L. is based out of Delta, and they do absolutely amazing work. They are run almost entirely by volunteers (last year they clocked 10,000 volunteer hours) and they supplement their annual operating budget of $400,000 almost entirely by public donations. Basically, they rely on the support of animal lovers like me and you to provide care for injured birds of prey, operate their facility and educate the public about these animals. We had the opportunity to tour the facility, meet some of the birds (including Sarah, a barn owl who was hit by a car) and see all the work that goes into rescue and rehabilitation. Injuries range from head trauma, broken wings, electrocution, poisoning, bullet wounds and others with major surgeries performed by volunteer veterinarians. We’ll be posting a video from our site tour in the next few days where you can see some of the birds, get a behind the scenes look at their medical centre and hear an acoustic performance from us as we hang out with a barn owl.

If we haven’t made it clear enough yet, we’re really excited to be working with these guys and letting the public know about what they do. Thom has already signed up to become a volunteer, and you can join him by visiting http://www.owlcanada.ca. All you need is a recent tetanus shot and to be 13 years or older. As well, at our Peak Performance Project showcase this thursday (tickets available here) we will be selling O.W.L. Merchandise like T-shirts and plush animals. A portion of the proceeds from our own merchandise (yes, we still have some Snorebachev’s) will also go to O.W.L.

More announcements to come soon. Pet cats, drink tea and care for feathered friends,

-41st and Home

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