Shot At The Dark

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Back in July, we spent a very pleasant couple of days in Calgary while on tour. During our time there we were fortunate enough to meet up with Brock Mitchell, a videographer and blogger for Calgary is Awesome and the creator of the Shot At The Dark video series. We’re huge fans of his work, and were absolutely thrilled to be able to work with him.
The video below was shot inside an abandoned house/crack den that we broke into. It was shot quickly, so as not to arouse the suspicion of the neighbours. Thom still swears that he saw a dead cat in the basement, and Patrick found a crack pipe in one of the rooms. Random quote were scrawled all over the walls and appliances…in short, it looked sketchy and awesome. We filled the room with candles and got to work. Thanks so much to Brock for involving us in his project, you should check out his work with Lifetime Collective. But first, the video:

Song: ‘Gorbachev’ from Raised By Wolves, available on Bandcamp/iTunes

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