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“The result is a more unified and and effective recording that blends the bands orchestral roots with a strong pop urgency. The double-whammy of Modern Medicine and Gorbachev alone is worth the price of admission… Raised By Wolves finds 41st and Home invigorated and more than ready for the next step.”
-Vancouver Sun Review of Raised by Wolves

“The band is in top form on its newly released Raised by Wolves EP. The lead single “Gorbachev” is laden with blaring horns and gloriously ascendent strings, which are matched with victorious lyrics about the end of the Cold War. The band isn’t always gunning to be the next Sufjan Stevens though, as “Modern Medicine” is comparatively straightforward, scaling back the grandiose orchestrations in favour of bubbly guitar licks and a sunny vocal hook.”
-Georgia Straight feature – How to build a DIY Orchestra

“Vancouver’s 41st & Home are making an ambitious brand of indie rock that is both expected and surprising. It’s expected because the record can sit comfortably on the shelf next to the sprawling and anthemic music of popular Canadian bands Arcade Fire or Broken Social Scene. It’s surprising because this record still feels honest and fresh. ”
-Discorder Review of Raised by Wolves

“41st and Home is drawing rave reviews as one of the coolest and most inventive bands to have emerged on the Canadian music scene. Prior to their appearance at the Biltmore Cabaret, Joe Leary spent 24 seconds with frontman Thom Kolb”
-24 Hours feature – Eclectic approach to making music

“Raised by wolves? Hardly. Instead of the savagery implied by the title of this EP, 41st and Home specializes in pop music of a carefully studied variety. The group clearly took pains to map out each moment of these seven tracks, which blend soaring orchestrations with sweetly sensitive balladry to create a sound that’s simultaneously intimate and grandiose… With such a knack for cinematic arrangements, don’t be surprised if 41st and Home ends up composing film scores before long. After all, if the band can create such a massive sound with just a five-piece lineup, imagine what it could do with an entire orchestra.”
- Georgia Straight review of Raised by Wolves

“Live music is best enjoyed when the artist on stage connects with the people in the crowd. This comes easy to some artists and doesn’t come at all to others. 41st & Home connected with the crowd at The Biltmore… 41st & Home is a young band growing both musically and in popularity. I for one can’t wait for the next time to see them on stage in Vancouver.”
-Scene in the Dark review of Raised By Wolves EP Release Show, July 18, 2011

“The brief intro ‘Summons’ showcases the band’s musical muscle and it transitions seamlessly into “Modern Medicine” which also showcases the band’s vocal harmonies. At this point I was wondering if there’s anything the band can’t do, and I couldn’t think of anything. “Hummingbird” is another great example of the band’s musical prowess. It features an instrumental solo around the middle that shows how well strings (a violin and a cello) and horns work together. “Gorbachev,” a song that is probably the most likely to become an ear worm, also shows how great these instruments work… It should be easy to see why this band is so worthy of your attention. The band is still very young, but showing this much control this early can only mean great things.”
-Grayowl Point review of Raised by Wolves

“Joined by friends and additional players on stage, 41st and Home had a small orchestra accompanying their already anthemic sound. Although excessive, the extra personnel were symbolic of one thing: 41st and Home had become an important player in the local circuit and their vast collection of friends paid tribute to that. The band played like veterans, mixing in older tracks with new ones (most notably, the title track off of their latest release), and hardly missing a melodramatic, pop-rocky beat.”
-The Modline review of Raised By Wolves EP Release Show, July 18, 2011

“If you’re a Vancouver indie music fan with a penchant for strings and horns, you may already be familiar with the chamber rock troupe 41st and Home. If so, you’ll be excited to learn that, on July 12, the group will drop a new EP called Raised by Wolves.”

“It’s easy to settle into the strings and keys that Vancouver’s 41st and Home deliver, but it’s the soaring harmonies and rafter rocking choruses that melt any residual ice left behind by the band’s Cold War imagery. It’s a solid introduction to the band and the other songs I’ve heard demonstrate an appreciation for well thought-out arrangements that move nicely from epic anthems to hushed intimate ballads.”

“‘Gorbachev’ is the latest single from Vancouver chamber pop ensemble 41st and Home. It uses soaring strings and horns to create a mood of cinematic grandeur, and the track spends much of its four-and-a-half-minute runtime in a seemingly continuous crescendo. This is a fitting accompaniment to the triumphant lyrics, which discuss the end of the Cold War.”

“And finally, it was time for 41st & Home. The band has gotten leagues better in the last year — and it showed right off the bat… They put on a really fun and energetic show, and it’s been pretty cool watching them progress as a band. Hopefully they will continue this upward progression to their next full length”
-Kirk Hamilton (3am Revelations)

“Exhibiting immeasurable maturity for such a young band, 41st and Home defy their Peak Performance Project placement with tracks that take their time and make sweet love to your ear.”
-Beatroute – Vancouver Choice Cuts 2010

“Next up, 41st and Home packed six musicians onto the stage, offering lush arrangements that included violin, trumpet and pump organ. The band showed a flair for the dramatic, with slow-burning ballads that built to heart-pulsing cinematic crescendos. With clear stylistic nods to fellow baroque rockers like Broken Social Scene and Sufjan Stevens, don’t be surprised if this Vancouver group continues to build momentum in the coming months.”
-Alex Hudson (Chipped Hip/BeatRoute)

“Vancouver-based 41st and Home is not just your average indie band. With their recent release, Left in Places, the 2010 Peak Performance Project artists are capturing the hearts of listeners nationwide with their contemporary folk-inspired music.” I caught up with lead singer and guitarist Thomas Kolb and violinist Sejal Lal to talk about being a Peak Performance Project Top 20 artist, living the rock n’ roll lifestyle and the pros and cons of being “nerds in a band…..”
-Youthink Feature – Nerds Gone Wild