Peak Performance Project Voting Season is Officially Open

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It’s that time of year when every band in the PPP top 20 infiltrates your twitter timeline, facebook newsfeed, friendster or nexopia page (you probably had that one coming) to ask for your vote. You can understand why, $100,500 dollars is a huge amount of money, and your votes are a big part of the judging panels final consideration. On the other hand, besides doing a favour to your friends, what are you getting out of it?

We realize this has traditionally been a bit of a one-way street, so we’d like to change gears and show what we can give YOU if we are lucky enough to make the top 3. Over at our new facebook event page we will be offering prize giveaways as a reward for getting friends to vote, as well as delivering a new CAMPAIGN PROMISE everyday. We think this should be taken as seriously as a political campaign, so we’re going to treat it like one. The promises we’ve made so far:

October 7th: If chosen for the top 3, we will perform our ridiculous Wilderness Eyes rap remix (that you can see by clicking anywhere on this giant link) at the Commodore.

October 8th: Thom solemnly swears to light a guitar on fire during the Commodore set.

We’re going to keep rolling out the promises, so check back everyday to see what we’re up to next. You might even win some stuff. Have fun, and remember: VOTE

..and maybe make this your profile pic on your social media outlet of choice.

We love you all.

-41st and Home

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