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Wilderness Eyes Video Shoot

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We recently shot a video for Wilderness Eyes with the lovely folks at Persona Productions who approached us last fall with the original concept. It’s not going to come out for a little while, but you should expect to see ridiculous camera angles, animal projections and George getting in touch with his inner moose, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

We spent one full day and night shooting in Langley, came home for a few hours rest and wrapped filming in downtown Vancouver. In that time we were treated like absolute royalty by the crew, who all volunteered their time to make this possible. We paid a grand total of $250 to help cover the cost of gear rentals, the rest was borrowed or donated. These guys (and girl) were absolute professionals, and made standing around in t-shirts in 0 degree weather more than tolerable.

Thanks to Wayne Robinson and the Persona crew for working hard and putting up with our whining when we were cold and tired, Wayne’s parents for feeding us and letting us film at their place and Wayne’s Aunt and Grandma who never met us but sent over a bunch of food anyway.

Once again, I apologize for yelling ‘Cunt’ in front of Wayne’s mom.

PICS (click to enlarge)

We make friends wherever we go.

Our intrepid (and ruggedly handsome) director Wayne.

Sej in makeup

Rock star moment: being driven around the set in a golf cart.

Patrick and George experiencing hospitality at the Robinson Household.

George in his natural element.

Its hard to tell from the picture, but that raccoon is about 25×15 feet and was projected against the side of the Molson Brewery…amazingly, we were able to keep this up for several hours (including ten minutes of bloodcurdling screaming from yours truly) with no interference.

Playing Catch Up

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Friends and family,

It’s been awhile. How are you doing?

We’re sorry to keep you in the dark for so long. The truth is, we’ve only just started picking things up again. Being in the Peak Performance Project last year was (once again) an incredible experience, but we burnt ourselves out by the end. Participating in it requires you to give 100% of your thinking and spare time to planning and promotion, and when 4/5 of the band members are full time University students with packed schedules it takes a lot out of you. September to October saw a lot of sleepless nights, skipped classes, catch-up work, re-scheduled midterms and all the other glamorous activities that come with being student rock stars. By the end of 2011 we were tired and had to divert our attention to not failing out of school.

The time off was exactly what we all needed-time to ease into a new (our in the case of Garth and I, last) semester, relax and time to remember why we started a band in the first place: to have fun. While the PPP gave us some incredible knowledge and set us in the right direction, it was really easy (for me at least) to forget that we were a bunch of kids who liked jamming together. When you spend all your time booking shows, calling promoters, analyzing finances and self-promoting, the creative side of yourself can take a backseat. I realized that since releasing Raised By Wolves, with the exception of our Vancouver song for the PPP, I hadn’t written anything for the band in months. It got to the point where I started wondering if I even could write 41st and Home songs anymore. I took all my gear home from the garage and started making weird guitar loops and envisioned starting a new project. Sejal wanted to spend a few months off learning new playing styles. Patrick dove headfirst into his amazing electronic project Noble Oak. George recorded and mixed a forthcoming EP for our friends at Young Pacific. Like a high school grad class we all kind of drifted apart and did our own thing. Then we started to really miss each other.

That brings us to now. For the past month or so we’ve been getting together to focus on writing new music. Lots of new music. There are so many different ideas floating around that we haven’t really made sense of them yet. Also, our jamming has significantly improved. We’re taking a lot more time to focus on the dynamics between each instrument and giving each other room to be heard, which is something that the Peak judges said we needed to work on. We sound more like a band now. Its an exciting time to be in a small garage somewhere off of 41st avenue.

We don’t have a timeline for when we’re going to put a new album or EP or whatever out. The plan thus far is to keep writing and to see what we come up with; ideally we’d want to have about 20 new songs ready to go before we think about recording the best ones. All I know is that the new material will be different from what you’ve heard from us and I think you’ll like it.

In other news:

a) VIDEOS: We have two videos from Raised by Wolves that will be released in due course. Gorbachev, shot by Amazing Factory last fall, looks rad and we’d like to once again thank everyone who got wet during its production (if you weren’t there you’ll see what we mean soon). Secondly, we just wrapped shooting the video for Wilderness Eyes with the incredible team at Persona Productions. We’ll be putting up some photos from the shoot soon; it was a crazy, wonderful experience and I think the video is going to be fantastic.

b) George and myself are going to be gone this summer. George leaves April 6th to work as a stagehand for Princess Cruises until the fall; he’ll be travelling through the Caribbean, across the Atlantic ocean, hanging out in Iceland and Norway and making all of us jealous. In his absence we’ll have some friends filling in for him during any shows, but his presence (and bass face) will be sorely missed. I, on the other hand, will be periodically working as a Geologist during the summer, heading up to the Yukon, Nunavut and other uncharted territories in the search for gold, diamonds and glory. I’ll be back to write and play shows fairly often and will probably be sporting a superb bush beard. The upside of all of this is that we plan on spending a good chunk of our hard earned money on new recording equipment, with the hopes of eventually starting our own proper studio.

That’s it for now. We promise to start posting regularly again, and want to thank all of you for being the best fans and friends that any band could ask for.

As usual: Drink tea, pet cats, and recycle.


Peak Performance Project Voting Season is Officially Open

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It’s that time of year when every band in the PPP top 20 infiltrates your twitter timeline, facebook newsfeed, friendster or nexopia page (you probably had that one coming) to ask for your vote. You can understand why, $100,500 dollars is a huge amount of money, and your votes are a big part of the judging panels final consideration. On the other hand, besides doing a favour to your friends, what are you getting out of it?

We realize this has traditionally been a bit of a one-way street, so we’d like to change gears and show what we can give YOU if we are lucky enough to make the top 3. Over at our new facebook event page we will be offering prize giveaways as a reward for getting friends to vote, as well as delivering a new CAMPAIGN PROMISE everyday. We think this should be taken as seriously as a political campaign, so we’re going to treat it like one. The promises we’ve made so far:

October 7th: If chosen for the top 3, we will perform our ridiculous Wilderness Eyes rap remix (that you can see by clicking anywhere on this giant link) at the Commodore.

October 8th: Thom solemnly swears to light a guitar on fire during the Commodore set.

We’re going to keep rolling out the promises, so check back everyday to see what we’re up to next. You might even win some stuff. Have fun, and remember: VOTE

..and maybe make this your profile pic on your social media outlet of choice.

We love you all.

-41st and Home

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