41st and Home’s ‘Gorbachev’ video debuts on Exclaim!

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Water balloons, villains, facepaint…..it was war. The music video for ‘Gorbachev’ debuts today on Exclaim! magazine. It follows a rag-tag group of kids (us and some dedicated fans!) engaging in an epic water-fight, leaving few survivors. The video was produced and shot by our friends at Amazing Factory Productions, who have created videos for the likes of Hey Ocean, Said The Whale, We Are The City, and Yukon Blonde.

Exclaim! debuts 41st and Home\’s \’Gorbachev\’ music video

The video was shot in Queen Elizabeth Park, and an open call was made to our fans to join in to be in the video. Spirits were high as the water battle played out; by the end, everyone was soaked, but some Timmy Ho’s hot chocolate warmed everyone up after and was definitely appreciated! Huge thanks to everyone who joined us, to the lovely guys at Amazing Factory for creating such a fun video, and to Exclaim! for debuting it for us!


The enduring army!

Another music video for the 2011 EP Raised By Wolves is currently in the works as well – produced by Persona Productions – and will be revealed later this summer. Keep your eyes and ears peeled friends.

Enjoy the video! All our love,

41st and Home

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